I'm Paul Roy. It's great to meet you!

I've always done my own thing, made up the rules as I went along. I'm here to teach you to do the same thing.  Living the life of your dreams is easy and fun.  You just have to stop being the person everybody expects you to be and start being yourself.

I'm a motivational speaker. If you've got to get a group energised, I will help you do it.  I'm also a husband and world traveler.  For now, I'm living in Austin with my beloved wife Katerina.

My passion is encouraging and helping others to step out of their comfort zone and live life on their own terms.

My message is that character is centralIt's not what you do, it's who you are that matters most.

We all want to help others, change the world, live a happier life.  I can show you what has worked for me.  Your next step is to sign up for the 1 Minute Wins newsletter on the right to start receiving all my best tips on living a self-confident and powerful life! Then load up the blog and start reading.  

So glad you're with me on this.  Lets go create some positive change in ourselves and the people around us!

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